As owner-managers we often ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ because we’re too closely involved. In addition, small enterprises often have limited in-house capacity and capability to address many of the problems businesses face.  However, the limited resources of small businesses means that resorting to traditional consultancy firms and law firms is not a cost effective option. Blue-Sky Thinking is designed to meet this need.

Blue-Sky Thinking is a distinctive resource offering objective and intelligent advice and support to owner-managers. We facilitate your strategic and practical decisions by providing analysis of your business and legal problems and determining practical solutions. We work alongside owner-managers, building strong relationships and getting to know your business so we can offer relevant and bespoke advice and problem-solving which:


  • Validate and capture issues
  • Determine the root cause of issues
  • Develop and present solutions that resolve issues
  • Identify opportunities to improve business and system processes.


We also provide practical support by undertaking projects, research and document preparation for our clients. Our work includes:


  • Analysis and advice on difficult issues/complex information, including legal and commercial concerns
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Structuring
  • Start-Up Advice & Support
  • Analysis and guidance on problems related to trading and contract.


In addition, although the majority of the problems that small firms face can be resolved without recourse to the legal system, Blue-Sky Thinking also facilitates a cost effective access to justice when necessary, as a crucial factor in creating a supportive environment within which small firms can thrive.